Speech Therapy is more than stuttering: Locations Convenient to Inner West, Waterloo, and Sydenham

When referencing speech therapy, the first word that pops into most people’s minds is stuttering. Stuttering occurs when a person gets stuck on specific words or sounds and can be related to multiple situations. It can be present in both children and adults and isn’t exclusively limited to verbal communication. Stuttering is frequently associated with additional tension in the body that can be a vicious cycle of anxiety and stuttering, neither allowing the other to resolve.

Other uses for Speech Therapy in Waterloo or Sydenham

Professional speakers, actors, politicians, anyone who presents themselves to the public regularly may commonly visit a speech pathologist to help them create the appropriate richness, tone, volume and voice control they desire, to give their presentation an edge. Most people have a habit or two that would serve them better if unlearnt; however, they still want to maintain their unique style, personality or even have an accent they may wish to accentuate. We work with you to train your speaking in precisely the manner you desire.

Speech pathologists also commonly work with people, both adults and children, who experience Augmentative or Alternative Communication, commonly known as ACC . Depending on the type of ACC, different speech disorders and situations will result. The various types of ACC need to be identified with a complete assessment, before any therapy.

Children and the Teenage Years

From the moment we are born, we begin learning about how to communicate in this world. First, we watch and listen to everything that occurs in our household. Then we start to make sounds and gestures. We progress into language and literacy, then into the more complex interpersonal and conversational skills we will use into adulthood. Even simple reading comprehension allows us to be a student forever, by letting books and educational manuscripts become our teachers.

Providing a solid foundation while children are young is crucial because it lays the framework for the more complex interactions developed later. Signs and Sounds has worked with children as young as 15 months and encourages any parent who has a gut-feeling of concern about their child, to have them adequately assessed. The sooner you know and understand about potential developmental complications, the sooner you can respond and head off more difficult matters later.

Young people are challenged to speak, read and write in more elaborate ways. These additional lessons will teach them how to grow with the many opportunities they will face throughout their future. The social skills they develop in these years will serve them the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, some young people have difficulty coping with these developments and may begin to disengage. We have carefully crafted youth-focused speech therapy for the Inner West, Waterloo, and Sydenham areas.

Helping you achieve your full communication potential is our top priority. If you, a member of your family, or a loved one need speech therapy, please call us on (02) 9558 4031. We look forward to discussing how to help improve your overall communication. We are conveniently located near Croydon Park, Leichhardt, Inner West, Waterloo, and Sydenham.