Cognitive and Social Development Through Speech Therapy for a Child with Down Syndrome in Sydney

Children with Down Syndrome often have speech delays which can create difficulties in thinking and learning. Delays in speech and language can also cause hardships in developing appropriate social skills. Signs and Sounds can provide speech therapy for your child with Down Syndrome in Sydney to help with his or her cognitive and social development.

The speech and language delay common in children with Down Syndrome is sometimes exacerbated by weak muscle tone around the mouth which makes it hard to form sounds correctly. Some children also have small Eustachian tubes in the ears that can accumulate fluid and make sounds muffled. If they can’t hear words clearly, it will be hard to say them properly as well.

Our qualified speech pathologists use various strategies for Down Syndrome speech therapy to help children acquire their language skills. Language is vital to the cognitive growth of the child because we learn through language. We use it to convey knowledge and information, and it is also crucial for thinking and reasoning.

Humans rely on speech and language to communicate with each other and grow social connections. If a child with Down Syndrome has delays in speech, it will often spill over into delays in social interaction.

If you have a child with Down Syndrome in Sydney, contact Signs and Sounds and one of our speech pathologists can discuss how we can help. We have various techniques for speech therapy for your child with Down Syndrome that can help your child grow in other areas of development.