Speech Therapy for Individuals in Sydney with Asperger’s Can Help in Social Situations

Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome can sometimes have communication difficulties that impact significantly on their social skills but our speech pathologists at Signs and Sounds might be able to help. Speech therapy for people with Asperger’s in Sydney can help them work out what they want to communicate and pick up on cues from other people which can reduce confusion and misinterpretation in social situations.

Sometimes people with Asperger’s Syndrome and other difficulties with social communication aren’t aware of the different ways that non-verbal communication cues, like using tone of voice, volume or rate of speech, can help to convey messages to other people. They may also have a difficult time reading and interpreting social cues from other people they are interacting with, including that person’s intonation or facial expressions.

Our speech pathologists can help your child or young person to develop the communication, and especially the social communication, skills they might need in social situations. We work with families, teachers, and other carers and professionals to find successful strategies that will help to build relationships.

If you think you know someone in Sydney who could benefit from speech therapy for Asperger’s, contact Signs and Sounds. Our qualified and trained staff provide services in the clinic, at schools and preschools and at home to provide therapy. We work with children from as young as 15 months old and are NDIS-registered providers.