Helping Kids Succeed: About Private Speech Therapy for Toddlers and Children in Sydney

Speech delays in toddlers and young children are not uncommon, but they can result in a number of disadvantages for a developing child Kids with speech and language issues often suffer from low self-confidence and may have difficulty learning to read or write in school For these reasons and more,... ... read more.

Looking Beyond the ‘Autistic Child’: Holistic Speech Therapy for Kids with Autism in Sydney

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a relatively common neurodevelopmental disorder that can impact a person’s ability to form and develop relationships with other people as well as their ability to communicate in the way many of us usually do Because the disorder exists across a spectrum of... ... read more.

Looking for Speech Therapy for 2, 3 and 4-Year Old Children near Sydney

Parenting is one of life’s most significant challenges, but it is also the most rewarding Starting from the day your bundle of joy travels home with you from the hospital you are already planning a wonderous life filled with happiness It’s fun to journey with them as they learn and explore our... ... read more.

Speech Therapy is more than stuttering: Locations Convenient to Inner West, Waterloo, and Sydenham

When referencing speech therapy, the first word that pops into most people’s minds is stuttering Stuttering occurs when a person gets stuck on specific words or sounds and can be related to multiple situations It can be present in both children and adults and isn’t exclusively limited to verbal... ... read more.

Speech Therapy for Individuals in Sydney with Asperger’s Can Help in Social Situations

Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome can sometimes have communication difficulties that impact significantly on their social skills but our speech pathologists at Signs and Sounds might be able to help Speech therapy for people with Asperger's in Sydney can help them work out what they want to... ... read more.

Cognitive and Social Development Through Speech Therapy for a Child with Down Syndrome in Sydney

Children with Down Syndrome often have speech delays which can create difficulties in thinking and learning Delays in speech and language can also cause hardships in developing appropriate social skills Signs and Sounds can provide speech therapy for your child with Down Syndrome in Sydney to help... ... read more.

Recognising the Need for Speech Therapy for Expressive Language Disorder in Sydney

Expressive language disorder is a disorder where a person has difficulty using their words effectively and efficiently to convey a specific and organised message It is one component of what can be a Developmental Language Disorder, or a Language Disorder associated with other diagnoses such as... ... read more.